DUCK (excitedly presenting some fish on a platter to Pig): You want some sushi? PIG: A whole, filthy seabass served on a garbage can lid is not sushi. DUCK: Yeah? Says who. PIG: Anthony Bourdain's ghost, as a matter of fact. DUCK: Anthony Bourdain's ghost? How come I can't see him? PIG: ...Bourdain's ghost says he'll appear for you, but only if you eat that entire rotten fish in front of him. DUCK: Are you kidding? I love sushi! DUCK (looking ill after having consumed the fish): ...Feeling...not great...but worth meet...Bourdain's ghost... PIG: Duck, there's no such thing as ghosts. Your stupidity, however, is horrifically tangible. DUCK: ...I think the seabass was pregnant. PIG: Wow, sushi AND caviar. Will you be having champagne with your meal, Mr. Rockafeller? ANTHONY BOURDAIN'S GHOST (suddenly appearing as Duck and Pig look on in amazement): ...I ate a live duckling in Sri Lanka.