(Platypus is getting pulled over on the highway) COP: Do you know why I pulled you over? PLATYPUS (flippantly): Boy, I dunno. Do you know why I pulled YOU over? COP: Oh, no you don't. That won't work on me. I know all the tricks. Seeya in court, kid. PLATYPUS (standing in front of a bemused judge, addressing him flippantly): Boy, I dunno. How'd you like me to hold YOU in contempt? PLATYPUS (standing in front of two angry convicts in a prison yard, shrugging flippantly): Boy, I dunno. Do YOU know what snitches get? PLATYPUS (strapped to an electric chair, replying to the executioner flippantly): ...Boy, I dunno. Do YOU have any last words? PLATYPUS (standing against God's podium in heaven, pointing downward flippantly): ...Boy, I dunno. Are you sure YOU belong here? PLATYPUS (lounging in a boiling pit, replying to Satan flippantly): ...Boy, I dunno. How would YOU like a red-hot poker straight up the keaster? SATAN (throwing up his hands in surrender): I can't take it anymore! The madness! The MAAAADNESS!