Joseph Devens

Joseph Devens is a cartoonist from Austin, Texas. He was born in a hospital and raised by humans, and is widely regarded to be a true and horrible bastard.

From 2002-2008, his comic strip Whale was printed in ink on the actual paper newsprint pages of The Daily Texan newspaper at the University of Texas, where he held the position of comics editor for four years while regretting his decision to study art instead of bill-paying.

In 2004, a crazed fan called Lilana Dohnert volunteered to build a continuously updated, physically nonexistent digital archive of his comics and such, which she is calling a “website,” in return for a lock of hair and a vial of blood.

Joseph Devens' Lair is now
the home of Whale and other
baloney and should be taken
regularly to induce and
relieve existential pain.

Questions or comments?
Hot takes? Suggestions?
Donations, subpoenas, requests,
or demands? Fan mail? Hate
mail? Fears or concerns? Gossip
or hexes or pillow talk? Prayers?
Lookin’ to finger me for a job?
My rates are low, and I’m good
at everything except math,
chess, cooking, pottery, darts,
guitar, construction, scrimshaw,
basketball, golf, origami,
engineering, tennis, football,
oceanography, subtraction,
dentistry, swimming, and sports.
Contact me at your ˈlēZH.

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