HELLO! AND WEL and, sorry, and welcome to THE LATEST BLOG POST ON THIS WEBSITE I DO TOO INFREQUENTLY FOR ANYONE TO KNOW OR CARE ABAOUT! Regarding that, I am working on some new Whales, by which I mean I have written a whole large thing full of them but I’ve been too busy to draw them yet. TOO B too, sorry. Too busy MAKING AN ANIMATED UNITED SHAPES MUSIC VIDEO for Cats Broke In! And an illustrated book of tweets which will be really better than Steve Martin’s book of stupid tweets, which I am almost completely copying. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT PICASSO SAID ABOUT STEALING SHIT FROM OTHER PEOPLE! “Do it all of the time,” Picasso says to me. But he was like 42% ass, which. Yes.

But yes, there are some new Whales coming to you I should say. Surprise-ruiner alert: All of Platypus’ strips this season will feature CELEBRITY CAMEOS! Or: Celebrios!™ The terrible children’s cereal! One sex tape in every box! (I apologize already for the terrible caricatures. I am aware that the Kristen Stewart I have drawn looks more like Parker Posey in the first panel and Naomi Watts in the second.)

More: This, yes, this video will be enchanting. The deadline is October the 20. THIS IS THE LATE DEADLINE, FOOLS. Because traditional animation, this is what I’m finding out, it takes for stupid ever. But it will be at SXSW Film Festival (Music Video Category) if I pay the fine and it is accepted, and if I finish on time, which as I said is late. If I manage to finish by the actual deadline, you people should really give me all of your money. MORE DET more details as they happen. HAPPEN!