Well I just now finally watched Garden State for the first time…OK most of it. It was so BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING that I skipped the last half hour. If the moral of the story was that your life will be better if you stop taking your medicine, then I would have to classify this movie as complete garbage. When you stop taking your medicine, here’s what happens:

1. The thing that the medicine was protecting you from resumes violently ruining your life in fresh, awful ways.

2. You experience withdrawal symptoms that terrify you so badly that you…

3. Probably kill yourself.

That guy was on what my doctor likes to call some SERIOUSLY NO-FUCKING-AROUND-WITH drugs. If you stop taking Ziprasidone, you don’t suddenly regain some romanticized version of your life before you got sick. You get ice cold, shaky, and you sweat like a dog. Everything around you buzzes with electricity. Your body WILL NOT sleep no matter what you try. You experience a level of stress and anxiety that would destroy even astronaut-level mental stability, and then you fall to the ground in all the kinds of pain that there are: physical, emotional, and psychological. And then you do whatever you have to do to get more Ziprasidone…and that’s just ONE of the drugs Zach Braff was on. Quitting anti-depressants is even worse.

When you stop taking your medicine, you do not have a magical introspective awakening, you do not fall in love with the perfect Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and you do not walk away without injury. You go crazy and you fucking die.

The soundtrack was…OK.