As the title of this blog entry indicates, yours truly (me) will be at the Staple comics convention in March 2015! I will have my own table and everything. You can meet me, my friend Andrew, buy signed books, card games, and signed comics. It is going to be a very good time, so I hope that you come. You do not have to wear bells, but if you are going to be there with bells on, I ask that you come up with a way to announce yourself so that I know when you are approaching me. Like blow an air horn when you enter all rooms of the event. There will be other cartoonists there, but the only one you need to worry about is me. And bring your money. You need to give me lots of it in exchange for the crap I’m selling. Also, I will sign your boobs if you have them and want me to sign them for you. The event where I’m signing your boobs will be on Saturday and Sunday March 7 & 8, 2015, at Marchesa Hall and Theatre in Austin, TX. Be there or be stupid.