1. Steven Segal is fatter in my nightmares.

2. Brian Quilderintanchidin Ritollaa Apl Theeeeenttelaplllanisneschoonder Astquintle Aopppleiinchaeism Ahchcantermockshtoher Minch Ahwoich Am Locm Cchmwntov Vointeoln Malskeingrighf Falkshwvmsl Skhfoiuew Toif Dniobuihweoriytroitu Tiantycrikmmtrancgiferfranchistroolinbahntk Eno.

3. Abbreviated septum.

4. More body-switch movies, please.

5. Hello, you’ve reached Platypus. I’m not here to answer your call, but if you leave your name and number, I’ll eat some candy and plan to call you back but probably forget.

6. Harry and the Hendersons 2: Harrier Hendersonser.