Went to the lake today and rented a kayak. Lots of fun. Didn’t go in the water with it (too dirty-looking), but still a good time.

Can hardly believe summer is halfway over. Soon it’ll be back to school and a new crop of kids to teach. Hope they are as eager to learn the calculus as last year’s crew (sarcasm.)

Almost died the other day over at Duck’s place (nothing new there!) Some kind of a time machine. Almost suffocated.

Been meaning to record The Bachelorette, but keep forgetting. Hope she picks that one that reminds me of Paul. (don’t really know how they’d be able to stay together, what with them living so far apart. But I guess that’s why they’re supposed to get married!)

Still need to go to Dillard’s and return the pennies I found in the penny loafers I bought. (Just doesn’t seem right to keep them.)

Been wondering: Should I drink more? Should I drink less? Do I drink just enough?

More people should dress their pets in costumes. But only costumes in the shapes of objects. Like a cat dressed as a bed.