Well, hello out there, internet! Goodness, it’s been awhile. You’re looking…nice.

Lilana has been frantically updating the site with all of the bullshit I’ve ever made in my life, not excluding my New Yorker cartoons, Daily Texan illustrations, filler cartoons, and of course, the latest Whales. I’ve decided that everything before season 9 looks pretty much like shit. It would seem that I learned how to draw somewhere between seasons 8 and 9. Oh well. The other ones aren’t with out their charm, I suppose.

What else…I saw Batman. Three days in a row! It got better every time. All of it was good, but I’d be happy if they just cut everything out except the scenes with Heath Ledger. Man, that dead guy could act. Sonofabitch, I wish he weren’t dead. Dammit. I’ve never been more totally floored by an actor’s performance in a movie, ever, and I mean that. I believe his corpse should be invited to the oscars and given the award that it so rightly deserves. Sleeping pills!! Can you even believe that?! Shit. Well, he’s dead now, so get used to it. I guess I could go out and rent Casanova, or Land of the Dragons, or whatever the hell else he was in. But you’re right, I’m probably not going to do that. Although I do remember seeing him in that Gilliam movie about Grimm’s fairy tales and liking it. There are so many other actors out there who we could have afforded to lose instead. Why him? (Don’t tell me you didn’t automatically think the name ‘Steve Guttenburg’ when I said that last sentence.)

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