Now that I have your attention, there are a few things that at this very moment are increasing in importance and decreasing in secrecy. They are as follows:1. I am back at UT.2. Whale will return to the comics page on a daily if not damn-near-daily basis.3. “” will soon be “” (if I can get the horse asses at to activate my GD hosting plan that I paid for last month.)4. MarsAnd that’s all.JDps- I’d like to take a moment to elaborate a little on point number 4: I heard from some scientists that Mars is going to be getting closer and closer to Earth within the next few weeks, culminating in an outrageous and unheard of record-setting distance of something like 12 feet away at the end of August. And not 12 feet away from our atmosphere, either–12 feet away from your house. Mars is really going to be up in our business in August, so get ready. I’d wear some sort of protection.

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