Here the things are:

Thing #1:
Measures are currently being taken to transfer my website to it’s future new home at How exciting, right? Good.

Thing #2:
My birthday is Saturday. I’m turning 22. Also, Japanese. (I thnk.)

Thing #3:
I snuck into ‘The Omen’ yesterday then stuck around for ‘The Break Up.’ The Omen is one of those movies whose trailer looks really good, and then you go see it and it turns out to be totally hollow and, save for a handful of cool scenes, pretty dumb. A word of advice for expecting parents: If you don’t want your kid to turn out to be the antichrist, DON’T NAME HIM DAMIEN!!! IT’S A PRETTY SIMPLE CONCEPT!
‘The Break Up’ is not a comedy. It is a drama with a few hearty laughs, but it’s mostly overwhelmingly depressing. Genuinely sad, really. **SPOILER ALERT** Jennifer Aniston is Keyser Soze. **SPOILER ALERT #2** Keyser Soze has the hottest legs I’ve ever seen.

Thing #4:
That’s all. Go away.

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