the whale comeback is imminent. by which i mean i intend to start drawing whale again next semester after a semi-long and quasi-relaxing hiatus.
speaking of steven spielberg, i saw War O’ the Worlds recently, and it was better than i expected, despite Tom Cruise’s recent lapse into the totally fucking insane. i enjoyed the film, but have one question to ask Hollywood: why are aliens always bare-ass naked? why don’t aliens EVER WEAR ANY FUCKING CLOTHING?!!! one would think that an foreign intelligence great enough to develop rocket ships and death rays and master the daunting task of intergalactic travel would have the mental capacity to invent shirts and underpants. E.T. was naked, as were the aliens from independence day, alien, close encounters, and species. (although the latter alien was arguably the best looking of all the naked aliens.)
i also saw star wars III. it was garbage.

stay tuned.