who says money can’t buy happiness? not me. damn, do i love having a job. being gainfully employed allows me the luxury of the following:
paying my rent! feeding myself! buying gas! paying the electric bill! bribing the police! wiping my ass! (with money) yes, indeed, money can indeed buy happiness, and lots of it indeed. i can even afford to be flagrantly redundant! three months ago, i would have been in debtors’ prison, had they not gone out of style in the late 1800s. (see journal entry dated january 24.) but now i get a paycheque every monday, and it’s off to the races!

in other news, the website has been undergoing some troubleshooting, and is now looking and sounding even better than before. thanks, lil. now all we need are hoards and hoards of people to visit us, and we’ll be doing swell. be sure and tell your friends that we’re up and running. is anyone reading this?

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