welcome to the first state of the website address. that is, this is to inform you of the state of things here at the website and is not the state of things at any general website address. rather, this is the state of MY website, including but not limited to its actual website address, but more specifically it is an address of a particular website, not the state of any old website address. when i say, “website address,” i am indeed referring to the act of addressing my website, and not an actual “website address” that you could visit on the web, as in the actual url address that houses said website. the thing being addressed is the state of my website, post hoc ergo proctor hoc, my website and its address will be covered in the addressing of itself. by me. thank you. now, on to business. a lot of you have been asking me, “joseph, what is that song that plays when you go to the site?” the answer: “yiddish blues” by the klezmer conservatory band. they are remarkable, and i reccommend you listen to them as much as i do. also, the radio advertisement is now up in mp3 format and can be played and listened to. My good friend john nesvadba produced it on his computer. i wrote it and sang the words. back up vocals by john nesvadba. thanks. this has be the first state of the website address. god bless america.

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